Wednesday, 16 January 2008

To fill the void

entry number 1.

I'm pretty much done with customizing the original layout I chose, I might try and add a sweet header though. Isn't that just dandy; taking someone else's code and changing it to suit you? :) Anyway, if anyone even reads this (Lee I know you're reading this) i'll be making small updates as time nears July 1st, with some pictures of my backpack, passports, extra things and whatever else I feel like including at the time.

There's no real need to post blogs between now and the end of June so I probably wont even check up on this until.. 3 months from now. ha. And so with that said i'm just counting down the months now, I'll also be starting a short French lesson around March if all goes to plan, and be thinking of some amazing travel plans simultaneously!!

Europe here I come!!!


Lee said...

Yay for Tobias travelling! Looking forward to keeping up to date with it, and you were right - I am reading it :)

Nana Gabe said...

I am reading it too!