Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Getting ready to.. get ready..

entry number 2.

Hey hey so I thought it was about time I update this thing; tell everyone what's going on and what plans I'm making etc.. all that information people need to know. So a couple of weeks ago I was reading a book called A Fortune Teller Told Me, it's based on a journalist travelling through south-east Asia, having to take any mode of transport apart from planes + helicopters. Anyway, the combination of that book and Lee + Paul's itinerary of their journey through Asia really got to me and I was slightly unhappy on missing out on that pocket of the world on my trip to Europe. Then perfectly timed, my friend Jasmin asked me if i'd go to Thailand with her.. without 2 seconds thought I said "yes" and the next evening we had our tickets booked for 7 days in Phuket!! This is by far the best on-a-whim decision I've ever made, the price of the return trip also had a big part to play; there's no way I'd pass $560 return tickets to Thailand, especially since I didn't know when I'd get the chance to go there some other time.

I got my Australian Passport in January which is great because without it I wouldn't have been able to get tickets to Thailand. So what's next? Well I have a whole sheet of paper with bits and pieces which need to be bought for both of my trips. It's amazing how much you really can fit into a travel-pack, knowing that you're going to be living from it for an unknown amount of time, but on the other hand it sure is exciting!! I'm still yet to get my injections for Thailand (there aren't that many to get). I've heard a lot about the impact of tourism on certain parts of Thailand, such as Phi Phi island, and I have no interest in such unsustainable tourism.. so don't expect any crazy island photos, but do expect some photos of me riding elephants and eating amazing Thai cuisine!!!

Now It's only a short 10 weeks until I go to Thailand, and when I get back there's only 4 weeks until I leave for California + England! I'm going to Cali with my friend Robert, and we've been making some plans already. Looks like when we land in LAX we'll most probably catch another flight out to San Francisco, spending 4 nights there (remembering that 4th July is Independence Day). So far it looks like we'll give couch-surfing a go in SF, but hostels are still a possibility. Our itinerary so far includes a day-trip to Yosemite National Park, ride the famous trams, possibly cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge, check out Alcatraz, and many other things. The rest of our time will be in Los Angeles, I have no set plans for LA as I want to take it at my own pace. No I won't be going to Disney Land, and yes I will buy an over-sized cup of coffee like the over-indulging Americans are well known for.

No one really knows much about my plans for UK + Europe for when I arrive on the 11th of July, so now Is a good time to tell. I need to finalise my bank account soon as Rob and I arrive in London, and I also need to get a phone sim-card sorted out. The 11th is a Friday and we'll stay in London for that weekend. Sometime very shortly after that weekend I'll be catching up with Lee where ever she had ended up to work. This leaves about 4 weeks of time to work until Lee and I leave the UK for The Netherlands for the 3-day alternative music festival called Lowlands. This will be my 1st festival EVER and I seriously can't wait!! Lowlands runs from the 15th-17th of August and chances are I'll go travelling with Lee straight after, and end up in Munich, Germany for the Oktoberfest starting on the 20th of September. After this
event I'll need to get a job, and this will occur somewhere in 1 of the countries in the UK, though most probably Scotland. I'm interested in going to France for my birthday in October, but apart from that I don't have many more plans until Christmas and New Years. So this information will have to suffice for now yeah :)

Keep checking back every few weeks for updates, until I leave for both trips I won't be doing weekly blogs. Bookmark this, and even check out the links on the right of my blog!! Stay tuned for more tremendously exciting blog updates from the one and only Travelling Tobias.

Au revoir!!

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