Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Counting down.. 20 days..

So 20 days from now i'll be in Melbourne, about to leave for Darwin>Singapore>Phuket! I'm soooo very excited for this, for those not in the know.. I was pretty down on missing out of doing a stop-over in SE Asia on my way to California.. until I got asked to go to Thailand on a whim, and had my tickets the next evening. And now Thailand is a quick 3 weeks away, then when I get back I only have a short 4 weeks till I leave again, but this time for my longer trip to Europe.

My mum and I finally received our British passports early last week which was very exciting, we were waiting for about 8 weeks and I was worried we wouldn't even get them. Next on my list is travel insurance, international drivers licence.. and maybe some other stuff. I've also figured out the details of places I'll be visiting, as well as dates. I'll do another post soon with my itinerary with lots of sweeet information!

Check back soon!

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