Thursday, 29 May 2008

Day 1: Adelaide/Melbs/Darwin

I had a 7:45am flight so was up by 5:30, and once at the airport found out that our flight was delayed by 5 hours.. but what can you really expect for a budget airline?! Jasmin and I wasted out time wandering around Harbour Town and at the airport, finally leaving just after 12, getting to Melbourne too late for a day-trip to the city, instead we lingered in the faux Irish pub in the main terminal, had some beers and turkish bread + dip, finally embarking the plane again for a 4 hour flight to Darwin. If you've never been, Darwin's airport is similar to Adelaide's old airport, but smaller. Weird thing is, anyone flying from Singapore into Australia have to go through Darwin.. which means it gets fairly packed while people wait for their flights!

We left the Australia at 3am, arriving in Singapore around 6:30am.. and we almost left the budget terminal before spotting our companions Shaun, Laura + Steph asleep on some benches! We woke them up very excitedly, and slowly made our way to our next check-in. I had some breakfast; a banana smoothie and scrambled eggs on toast, there were a few other interesting items on the menu.. Chicken Ham and Chicken Bacon (I had neither).. First real meal for 24 hours. We then meandered through to the Departure Lounge, spe
nding some time on the free Internet and looking at a small store selling cute asian plush toys and keyrings.

Previously on one of the stop over points, possibly Melbourne, Jasmin had bought the latest Harry Potter novel; The Half-Blood Prince.. and once she fell asleep on the plane to Darwin, I started reading the book and found myself enthralled to its amazing story-line, so when we were leaving Singapore I made a quick dash to the book store and bought the same novel haha, the very start of the Going-To-Phuket- Harry-Potter-Book-Club.

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