Friday, 30 May 2008

Day 2: Phuket

Continuing on from the last blog, I arrived at Phuket airport around 9am or so, a good time to start the day! Leaving the airport was tricky, we had so many sketchy locals wanting to be our drivers, and took atleast 10 minutes to get some help finding an appropriate minibus, and were soon on our way to Thavorn Beach! My beach bungalow was pretty amazing, situated about 20 steps form the beach, in fact I could see the water from my front door! I had a double bed all to myself, a tv with a bunch of channels in Thai.. the only 2 in English which I watched was a movie channel and the Discovery Channel, strange, as it's my favourite one!

Since I had gotten to my room the quickest, and speed-settled in, I ended up in the hotel's p
ool's swim-up-bar (a bar in the water, with seats) and had started relaxing over a Singha beer sometime around 11am, what better start to me day?.My friends gradually rocked up 2 at a time, by then I was already onto my 2nd beer and had made difficult conversation with a bar tender; who was 30 (looked 22), had a huge dragon tattoo covering his whole back and had only recently started learning English.. so talking to him was a lot of fun :)

After the bar and many beers and Long Island Iced teas, we all went for
a nap, napping longer than expected, and eventually made our way into Patong for dinner around 7pm. Catching our first tuk-tuk was really fun, they have bench seats without seatbelts, and you can dangle out of the windows or back door (which has no door) but I advise not to do this as everyone in Patong speeds and chances are someone will drive into your face/limb if you're not careful. With that said the traffic seems to work! There are signs reading "DRIVE FAST, be careful".. which is how it goes, along with a lot of horn beeping!

We ended up in a restaurant on the beach for dinner which was re
ally nice. The ladies which showed us there were actually standing at the front of a restaurant elsewhere.. stealing competition perhaps! So we ended up somewhere nicer anyway. I had a Pineapple Smoothie for 120Baht (later finding this to be fairly expensive). After tea we walked down Bang La Road, possible the main night club/prostitute section, as you can imagine was pretty dodgy, but still entertaining! I found some stall making smoothies so I bought a Banana one which was awesome and much cheaper than the one in the restaurant.

No idea what time it was, but we knew it was getting late and deci
ded to get some supplies from one of many 7/11 grocery stores, I stocked up on some bread and jam, Singha longnecks, milk and Hershy's chocolate. I find it weird that there was so much American candy there yet they didn't have American soft-drinks! Anyway, once we got back to our hotel we all hung out in 1 of our 3 rooms to do some light drinking, and ended up on the beach drinking some more. I think I finished all of my longnecks, and by the time I got to bed i'm pretty sure it was just after 2am!

View towards beach from hotel lobby.

One part of the hotel's pool

Awesome banana smoothie!!

My first haul from the 7/11's :)


Nana Gabe said...

How many banana smoothies can you have in one day?

Tobias said...

..not enough, but possibly 3?!