Saturday, 31 May 2008

Day 3: Boys Day Out!

Today was officially Boys Day as the girls were having a Girls Day, doing girly things like getting manicures and pedicures (on the other hand there's plenty of ladyboy's who would do the same thing) anyway, Shaun and I set out around 10:30am to connect with the hotel's free shuttle bus into Patong, not surprisingly we ended up on deckchairs right on the beach to drink some beers and be hassled by touts trying to sell us fake The North Face bags. Soon after we made our way into the alleyways of Patong and stumbled upon a quaint little restaurant where we sat in and ordered the awesome Thai dish... Pad Thai!

We caught a tuk-tuk to Karon Beach which is a place I had planned to visit, which is the next beach down from Patong. Turned out to be much less touristy and only 1 main street with l
ots of clothing and jewellery stores. Shaun and I relaxed on Karon Beach for at least an hour or two, under a huge purple beach umbrella we lazed drinking more Singha's.. bought a few metres behind us in a makeshift bar. Funny how anywhere in Australia you'd need council permission to erect a place of business, but anyone seems to be setting up shop almost anywhere they want here! I ended up going for a swim even though I didn't bring bathers, which meant that afterwards I was walking around holding my shirt as to not get it soaked. It's cool how you can just be chillin on the beach and people will walk past with snacks for you to buy! Shaun and I found a tiny ice-cream shop with air-con so we sat in there enjoying some amazing ice-creams, until heading off. We were about to catch a tuk-tuk back to Patong and even questioned this guy sitting on the back of a tuk-tuk, instead of hopping in the front.. he walked off to some brand new Nissan with leather seats and all that crap, turns out he's a taxi driver pretending to drink tuk-tuks? Was all good as we paid the same price as a dingy tuk-tuk, had wet clothes as well haha..

On the way back to our hotel we bought quite a few Beer Chang longne
cks (each are 6.1%) for 38baht each! Back at the hotel we cooled off in the huge pool and played volleyball and water polo, somehow popping one of the balls and even got away with it! Still not knowing where the girls were, we decided to sit outside Shaun's room and drink some Changs, then making our way to the beach for more Changs, once spotting the pier down the beach we decided to go on that to drink more Changs and sat there four hours, took some fun photos and had good chinners (conversation). it was night time when we got back to our rooms and decided to visit the Marley Bar which we pass each time we leave and get back to our hotel. The Marley Bar was run by 2 Thai guys, had loads of reggae posters on the walls and stalls and even played good Bob Marley music, actually they were playing a Best Of cd which I have!

Marley Bar was epic!! We played free pool with the 2 Thai guys, drank m
ore Changs and somehow talked one of the Thai guys into cooking us noodles. Now I have no idea how this came about because all we were asking for was to know if there were any food stalls nearby! Anyway we had noodles and a boiled egg each, best boiled egg we ever had! Pretty sure the bar was kept open as we were the only customers and soon as we left, the place closed! We meandered along the winding roads back to our hotel, only to find the girls there, relaxing. I'm not sure what happened next but it was good and I woke up in my own bed the next day without injury and loss of possessions.

Shaun and I waiting for the minibus to Patong.

Lunch, delicious Pad Thai.

Huge mythical statue on Karon beach.

Awesome beach umbrella.

Drinking Changs on the pier looking out into the bay.

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