Monday, 2 June 2008

Day 5: FantaSea

Much thanks to the invention of the air conditioner I woke up copious times during the night due to being cold, although I did have a sleep over with Shaun and Laura which itself is pretty rad. Shaun had pre-ordered breakfast for today from last night, somehow they got extra food, thus providing me with a free breakfast! (thanks again Shaun) From now till around 2:30pm the 3 of us were just lazing about in the hotel's swimming pools; playing water polo and generally relaxing, and this time we took care to keep the pool balls from getting punctured haha :)

We all caught the free shuttle-bus from the hotel into Patong around 3:30pm, once again went to a quaint little restaurant, this one is called Enjoy. I had fried rice and stir-fried vegetables which was amazing as always, and obviously I had a shake, this time it was Coconut. Straight after lunch we booked tickets to this place called FantaSea, part amusement part theatre spectacular, tickets set me back about 1500Baht or so, I also bought a ticket to go to Phi Phi Island for the following day which was even more pricey.. possibly 3000Baht!!

Shaun, Laura and I caught a taxi to our hotel, leaving Steph and Jasmin to do some shopping around the many street stalls. Our taxi driver was the best/worst driver we've ever encountered. This driver had the most high-pitch squeaky laugh ever! I can't explain explain who it goes.. but he'd laugh for no reason, he'd also beep at other drivers and people on scooters.. for no reason, then he'd laugh some more, and beep, and say things to us.. possibly to make us laugh? I don't know, but this guy was in a world of his own.

FantaSea is insane, so many bright lights and cool statues and everyone was so friendly! There were tones of side-shows aswell, and fun little shops. After some browsing, the 3 of us went into the giant food hall,
this thing was massive! It could seat 40,000 people, and 4 buffet sections to accommodate. I find the underlying thought of buffets as ridiculous; I prefer having enough food to satisfy my hunger.. without there being too much to make me so full. Anyway, dinner was good.. I started on dessert and worked backwards as the desserts were too good to leave to last!

Around 8pm we made our way into this massive theatre decorate with stone elephants and things, we weren't even allowed to take our cameras in. The show was a blend of myth and.. comedy/magic.. strange really, the show began with elephants being walked along walk-ways out through the crowd and onto the stage. There was a lot of fighting and story telling, even acrobats hanging from trapeze from the ceiling! Around half way through some magicians came on stage and were being silly, this is the weird bit.. it had nothing to do with Thailand nor the show itself, apart form this the whole place was quite magical. I ended up having photos taken with the elephants form the show and their trainers.. it was a good night!

Shaun and I at the entrance to FantaSea

Mimicking this sweet statue

Some super hypo section...thing..

The foodhall

This was my dessert, weird little things!!

Le Gang photograph with costume person

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