Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Day 8: Last Day

So it was my last day today and for breakfast I had a piece of bread which was pre-packaged with this slimey green paste which is a sweet taste, apparently contained coconut! Next was a coconut-taro filled bun; the inside was a purple paste and tasted slightly like honey.. the actual bun was the nicest part though. My third breakfast bun was coconut-pandan filled and its inside was green, it had a subtle taste but was sweet.

Shaun, Laura and I went back into Patong for lunch and ended up at Enjoy.. surprise surprise! I had satay chicken skewers and fried rice.. and yet another coconut smoothie... best smoothie and only 60Baht!!

No idea what the time was but we finally caught a taxi to the Phuket Airport Hotel, took us a while to find it but we arrived and the place was small and cosey, all of the bedrooms were centred around a small swimming pool. There was a little open dining section where we had dinner and played free games of pool. I spent some time in our bedroom watching Pirates of The Caribbean 3 and read Harry Potter for quite a few hours.. drinking Lemon Iced tea and eating potato chips.

My breakfast bread slice with strange green paste.

Pre-packaged Coconut-taro filled bun.

My room with Shaun and Laura.


Original Lays??? haha

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