Thursday, 12 June 2008

Day 7: Kamala Beach

Today was a nice chance to sleep-in, it was a good change from the early morning starts I was accidentally having. I got up around 10am and sat on the Internet for a bit, then went back to my room and read Harry potter till 3pm.. only because I was waiting for Shaun and Laura to wake up and get ready so we could go to town for lunch. Around 3:30 the 3 of us caught a tuk-tuk up to Kamala Beach (where FantaSea is) and found a nice little restaurant where we would have lunch. I had stir-fried vegetables and fried rice. After lunch we walked to the beach and sat on some reclined deck-chairs on the beach.

All of a sudden loads of dogs came up around us, it was really annoying.. these were street dogs, no owners, they were shaggy and no one cared for them.. and since I'm not a fan of dogs I wanted to get straight out of there, and so we did.. but not before a stop-over at a 7/11. I bought this pre-packed bun with a sweet coconut custard filling.. these pre-packaged buns are awesome and found everywhere here! We caught a tuk-tuk back to our hotel and swam for a little while, just relaxing.. as we didn't have anything planned.

We went into Patong for dinner at Enjoy, a restaurant we had now been back to abou
t 4 times! I had a pad Thai and a coconut smoothie.. this would be our last night in and around Patong as the next day we were to leave and stay at a hotel near the airport. The 3 of us spent the next couple of hours shopping/browsing.. we accidentally stumbled into the biggest stall complex.. dozens and dozens of stalls selling the same old crap. I was sick of looking at so much mediocre clothing that I ended up playing with a couple of tasers.. almost trying one out on myself! haha.

Not an overly exciting day, more so relaxing than anything else.

Shaun and Laura on Kamala's main street.

Lunch, cucumber Adidas logo?!

Kamala Beach umbrellas.

Relaxing to the max!

Pre-packahed buns, one with a gooey green coconut paste! YUM :)

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