Sunday, 29 June 2008

Adelaide, last day!!

Woooooow, so it's the day before I jet off on my 1-way ticket around the world, time seems to have gone SO quickly from when Robert and I decided to team up and leave the country. A lot has happened since then, have made many new friends.. all of which I will miss a lot. New opportunities I've aimed at for a long time and will now be put on hold for some months, some of which have come about in the past fortnight which is very bad timing, but as I keep reminding myself.. it's better late than never!!

I've been amped to travel for so long and now that it's happening.. I realise even more how much I actually enjoy Adelaide. Although I'm keen to live elsewhere for a while I know I'll come back to Adelaide, it's just inevitable. Everything I want is here, except for the experience of new places. Sure there's a lot of opportunity overseas but it doesn't mean that quality of life will be better.

I've actually been offered my dream job as a professional graphic designer, for a small studio here in Adelaide. So stoked for this opportunity and I was able to work there for 2 days last week, it's so good there, very creativity driven, awesome dudes, and located in a top spot = 1 block from China Town :) Maybe something to look forwards to when I come back! (yes, coming back earlier than expected is an option).

So, next time I update this I could be in San Francisco, London, or Madrid. There's amazing fun times coming up so I hope friends will read this and be involved in my journey. Life's too short to not make the most of everything, and that's now why I'm going away indefinately, I'm so excited to see how life unfolds.


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