Sunday, 8 June 2008

Day 6: Phi Phi

Best Sunday in a long time! had free breakfast at the hotel, then had to rush to catch the bus we organised to pick us all up and take us to the wharf on the opposite side of the Island. The bus came at 7am, and I was up at 6am.. and with a late one last night I was well tired, but enjoyed the lazy ride in the backseats of the bus, just chillin and listening to my iPod. The ferry we had to catch was great, had about 4 decks and loads of people. I sat on the 3rd deck with my feet dangling off of the side, and many people copied me :) It was a liberating feeling and I could see many islands out in the distance.

The ferry took about an hour and a half to get to Phi Phi, then took us on a loop around some islands, we saw Viking Cave and the entrance to the popular beach where The Beach was filmed (the ferry was too big to get us in there).. eventually stopped near Monkey Beach, where people could do some snorkelling. Just before this I had met this Canadian back packer, Eric, and we sort of teamed up in the water.. instead of snorkelling on our lonesome. Snorkelling was awesome and I want to do more of it! I had fins and could dive down deep.. real close to the coral.

After that we had lunch on Phi Phi, lunch was organised by the tour operators we went through for the day. After lunch we had around an hour and a half for ourselves, so I made the most of it and bought a mango smoothie and sat in the water! How typical :) The scenery here is so good, big rock-faces a
nd loads of trees clinging to them. I even saw a couple there for some extreme rock-climbing! The 4 of us (Shaun, Laura, Eric and myself) hung out together on the ferry for the trip back to Phuket. This time there were more waves and wind, and since we sat near the front of the ferry we got showered with a lot of spray from waves crashing against the ferry!

We parted ways with Jasmin and Steph as they were staying at Phi Phi for the next 2 nights, so it was now just Shaun, Laura and . We went into Patong for dinner again, I found a little stall with 1 guy making food, he made me Pad Thai for 50Baht.. $1.40 AUSD (my cheapest meal yet!!) and was extremely tasty, it even had seafood in it, which I hadn't had in Pad Thai before but now quite like. Shaun and Laura ordered food from a stall a few stalls down, their food as also really good, and the tables had the best table cloths I've ever seen.. so full of colour!

We ended the night at Thavorn Beach again, on the deck-chairs on the beach.. drinking Chang longnecks until the early hours of the morning, affirming my statement of best Sunday in a long time.

The ferry crew

Boat and island in the distance, cool and relaxing

Just dangling the legs :-)

My new favourite Lemon Iced Tea, in front of an island.

Eric the Canadian and myself after snorkelling.

I got excitable after lunch, here on a beach at Phi Phi.

Cheapest meal of my trip, Pad Thai for 50 Baht.

Drinkin Changs whilst Shaun & Laura have dinner.

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