Tuesday, 1 July 2008

San Francisco

It's about 11:15pm here, am mega tired.. pretty much spent 27 hours getting here and had some amazing broken sleep, sucked hard.. i need to get one of those sweet travelling pillows. The stop in Auckland was alright, the airport is nothing special but the food they gave us on the plane was awesome, especially the NZ wine.. Montana.. very nice stuff!! I had 3 glasses :)

The transfer to San Fran was smooth, real nice flying in to the airport.. on my side of the plane was a lot of rivers and.. wetlands (i think), quite stunning really. Has been dark the entire time i've been here so am looking forwards to seeing the city in the daylight tomorrow.

Can't really say much more right now as I havn't done any cool stuff yet. Oh I must comment on Americans; they have the most goofy accent I've ever heard. My first encounter with one was on the plane from Adelaide > Auckland,
he asked me how i was and i replied fittingly, then asked him how he was and all i got in response was "yep". Though we have met some nice americans, one in particular helped us get a train ticket from the SF airport > CBD. I hope I don't meet too many negative ones.

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