Thursday, 10 July 2008

Santa Monica, Hollywood, Venice

This place is amazing, so relaxing and easy-going, it's similar to the Gold Coast.. but better, SO much better. There aren't high-rising buildings which is great, there's a 3-block promenade similar to Surfers Paradise's Caville Mall.. but the one here is still better.. part of that has to do with being in California. 1 block away is the well famous Santa Monica pier which has a roller coaster, ferris wheel and other rides and games on it. Crazy how this massive pier is able to support so much on top of it.. and not sink in the sand!

Our first day here consisted of roaming around and just sussing things out, didn't really do much today that I can remember.

Our second day started with one of those popular tours to movie stars homes, hollywood and some other stuff. This was alright, and by alright I mean really average, how lame can you be to gawk over movie star's houses? Truth is a lot of people do this and record everything on their video cameras. I find it strange that people (especially tour-bus drivers) waste so much time of their life spent talking about lives of movie stars, just baffles me! So this first section didn't interest Robert and I and we were quite bored.

Rodeo Drive was next and this area is average, just upper-class shit, expensive shops and places to eat. Robert and I had lunch here though which was a bad decision as the next stop had a nice shopping area with a Farmers Market.. had cheaper and better food.. oh well! Next was Hollywood and the Hollywood sign.. we saw it from a large distance and much thanks to LA's smog.. the sign was hardly visible, nevertheless the view from our lookout was really nice. We also went to the main boulevard with the stars in the concrete and all of that jazz, once again not something I particularly cared about but was worth seeing... i guess?!

The main good aspect of the tour was being able to be driven around for 4-5 hours in a comfy bus and having many sights packed into this small tour. Robert and I were thinking of going to some of these places on our own, which would've taken ages!!

Later in the afternoon we hired old fashion bicycles and cycled down to Venice, all the way along the boardwalk area on the beach! This was so amazing, being there cycling along a famous beach (which is nice, as well as famous) was just something else.

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