Thursday, 3 July 2008

San Fran: Fisherman Wharf/Mission District

Today was Robert and my first full day in the city, started with a brisk 6am start thanks to the sun and noisey people in the dorms.. strange how the dorms dont have doors and the walls sectioning off each room don't reach the ceiling! Anyway, we went for a stroll in random directions, one of the first things to happen just near our hostel was some (possible gay guy) yelling out at us from across the street.. "HEY GUUUUYS" in a typical gay accent, it was hilarious; best start to the day!

The streets are fairly steep here which is fun, I think the steepest street is California St which has an incline of 31.5% or so. We found another street so steep that the footpaths were step
s; just to make walking up/downhill that much easier. We loitered there for a good photo opportunity, then moved on towards the Wharf areas again. If i were to live here I'd want to stay in the North bay area, the houses here are marvelous and the views fairly incredible. I think the only downside is the large homeless population, but they tend to keep away from these nicer areas.

We sussed out the Mission District after lunch time, it's a mostly Latino area, I felt pretty uncomfortable there as most of the people looked sketchy as. I also took note on how people acted towards each other, there seems to be no sense of community, looks like the people who speak Spanish separate themselves from everyone else, and the latino/black/white people stay in their own groups. Though I could be wrong, but that's my observation. I noticed this most when in a little dingy supermarket similar to some in Adelaide's China Town, and some little negro lady and her son were wanting to buy something but couldn't get to the end of the line,
so I let her in front of me, and although she was very thankful.. I could tell that the people behind me were rather unimpressed. It's not fair to pigeon-hole American society based on a couple of experiences, but I get a feeling that any largely populated city here is exactly the same as the next, and that the friendly people live in smaller towns.. maybe I should go to the towns? :)

After the mission district we hung out at the Hostel chillin with the Serbian girls who were sharing our dorm with us, they were really fun, one said I look like Justin Timberlake and thus led her to call me JT for the rest of her stay here haha. Rob and I ended up going to Fisherman's Wharf again, this time the fog had cleared and the place was busy, compared with this morning when the area was dead and cold (but that was at 7am). We ended up having a pint of Anchor Steam Beer (San Fran lager) at some pub at the wharf, was
really nice, eventually making our way back through the Itaian district and to our hostel for beers and food. The beer here is cheap, especially the imports!! The rest of the night we chilled at the hostel, talking with Danes and a guy from Melbourne, eventually ending back in our dorm and out on the fire escape getting high on the outside fire-escape with a guy from the Philippines and a guy from El Salvador.

Am living by this quote right now, "everyday of my life's the best day of my life!".

Peace always.

Very steep hill photo opp.

Fisherman Wharf + busy crowd.

San Francisco Lager, very nice!!

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