Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Golden Gate Bridge

Saturday 5-7-08

The day we finally chose to cycle across the world famous Golden Gate Bridge ended up to be the best day we had in San Fran! We considered ourselves quite lucky to have had the bridge in full view as for the days leading up to today.. the bridge was blanketed in fog. The cloud lifted soon as we approached the bridge, so had some brilliant photo opportunities there. Once on the bridge though.. the fun really began!

I'll try to explain the size of the bridge; it looks massive from afar and looks massive from up-close. It really is an impressive structure and I'm baffled at how it was created SO long ago.. incredible. We were having such a good time that we ended up getting sun-burnt, I was worse off with lovely pink forearms which (now 4 days later) are still pinkish. Also, I taunted a little boy who was also cycling over the bridge, I rode up right behind him and ringing the bike's bell frantically.. he shit himself and peddled off real quickly!! Once over the bridge you have the chance to drive/walk up to this lookout which is roughly at the same height as the highest part of the GGB.. this was crazy.. we could see the clouds rolling into the bay and over the bridge, in fact we were IN the clouds at times! It was very windy and quite cool.

From here on we cycled to a little fishing village called Sausalito, a beautiful little town with some wikid nice cottages and views of San Francisco.. which is pretty much directly opposite it over the bay. I could imagine living here.. if I had my dream job here that would be nuts.. and if you want to goto San Fran you could just catch a ferry there.. which is what we ended up doing. We had lunch in a little cafe which was pretty cool.

Waiting for the ferry was pretty relaxing, everyone who was riding bikes just let them stand in line and everyone would walk off... then come back in time to catch the ferry. Robert and I did this too, bought some iced tea and chilled out by the water's edge. The ferry ride back to SF was nice, and once off the ferry we had to ride along the bay to drop the bikes back off at the bike rental stall.

So you can understand just how much of a good day this was, every other day was foggy, even in the CBD. Clouds were out in force from the morning with only a small break in the afternoon.. and back out again in the late afternoon, so having an almost cloudless 3-5 hour period was just awesome.

There it is!!

Leaning on the Golden Gate Bridge.

View from the hill on the opposite side of the bridge.

Relaxing in Sausalito after hours of riding.

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