Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tower Of London, Tower Bridge

By now we had relocated to a much nicer hostel with a great location.. literally 20 seconds or so walk from Piccadilly Circus! This was great as we were now central to London, made the most of this with an early start to our Sunday in London and went to the Tower Bridge, having lunch on some grass nearby, then crossing the bridge, and then making our way to the Tower of London.. this VERY old structure everyone should see!

A Beefeater a large group (which we were apart of) on a tour of the Tower, he was pretty funny and involved the crowd at times, was a great story-teller as well. It's not easy trying to explain how cool this place is, I could go on and on about its history but until someone sees it.. what I type are just words on a screen, to be here is just something else. Maybe do a wikipedia.org search and you'll learn much more than I could tell you in a couple of paragraphs.

After the Tower of London Robert took me to this almost secret pub, hidden down some backstreets in a part of London I can't even remember. The pub is called the Lamb and Flag and is around 150 years older than Australia as a country! Crazy hey! Almost everything there is original, the floorboards are even slanted and on different angles to each other, probably just by so many people walking over them in the course of time, I presume. We had some proper English ale.. the type silly Australians complain about saying "they drink warm beer over there!" Turns out it's not warm, it's below room temp, and in a cold climate.. why would you want an ice cold beer?!

Rob and I ventured out to China Town for dinner which was alright, the portion of food here is much smaller than it is back home, and way smaller than the asian food I had in Thailand. I still find this strange, but didn't let it get to me, it was nice food however.

Pretty sure we went out tonight to a place called O'Niels, apparently it's really good on Saturday nights but was a bit average tonight, and due to being etremely tired I called it a night after 1 beer and finally had a bit of an early night (11pm) back at the hostel, excited for what was to happen on Monday!

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