Monday, 28 July 2008


Okay so bit of a round-up of events, I lived with a bunch of Anglos, people from Canada, US, UK, Ireland and Australia.. coming together to teach English to a group of Spaniards who're already at an intermediate level of learning English. I would've been the most under-qualified person there, most people haven finished a university degree or two, and there I was.. a college drop-out socialising with professors and academics of all sorts.

The 8 days in Cazorla were some of the best days I've had so far this year, I learnt how confusing the English language is and how many stupid sayings we have (the last straw.. for example), learnt a little about myself, a lot about the Spanish; their cultures and languages. I made friends with people I will befor the people I met keeping in contact for a long time to come, hopefully some I will be able to see again!

I find it hard to some up my experience as a whole, each day brought new experiences, each night brought new experiences. The copious amounts of wine at lunch and dinner was an experience in itself, who knows how much Euro I saved from mostly drinking this wine instead of buying drinks at the bar!

I recommend this Pueblo Ingles program to anyone and everyone, if you'd like more information just ask me. There's more places you can go to teach, I'm already thinking about going to teach in Pals which is just North of Barcelona, sometime next year.. partially so I can see some of my Spanish friends who live in or around Barcelona and Madrid. That also gives me good reason(s) to finally learn some Spanish. I already know how to order a coffee on ice, but that's deffs not enough to get me by!!!

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