Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, London Eye etc.

Today was a good day, the first stop was at Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, seeing these 2 places up close was pretty amazing, so I celebrated with a muffin from Tesco's and walked in the opposite direction towards the London Eye, this is a HUGE ferris wheel and is pretty stunning when you see it up close, if it were cheap to go on then i'd do it. While walking around we passed through Waterloo Station which was some fun, you could catch a train there and go to the centre of Paris in a matter of hours!

Next was the unimpressive Tate Modern, strange that i'm into art but didn't enjoy this place.. suuuure it's HUGE but the quality of work is low, although not understanding most of the exhibits had something to do with this. So I left there impressed with the size of the building but unimpressed with the work on show, and we made our way over the Millenium Bridge and to Saint Peters Cathedral whch was pretty cool, and old.. like all of London really!

We squeezed all of that in before lunch-time, which is when Robert and I met up with long-time school friend Ben, in Piccadilly Circus. This was really cool as the last time we were all together was at a pub back in Adelaide, and talking about our up-coming trips! Eventually we made our way to Hyde park to drink some beers and relax, which we did pretty well!

Ben had to leave to go to his sister's place in Fulham, so Robert and I met up with one of Robert's friends, Josh, and had dinner at some pub in Hammersmith, the meal was really nice.. a burger and chips + salad for close to 4quid! (beats subway anyday). Later in the night we made our way to Soho for a bit of a night out on the town but since I forgot to being my ID card we couldn't do much, and left just as soon as we got there!

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