Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Does Haight/Ashbury ring a bell to anyone? Well apparently it's where the whole Hippie movement began.. although you wouldn't think that if you hadn't previously been told. With such a fruity history you'd think this area is just amazing, but it isn't.. it has nothing on Byron Bay (if you didn't know, i used to live there for 6 months). Despite that, it's a nice little area and its main street is Haight Street, strangely enough. This street is packed with good shops, selling shit from second hand gear to brand spankin' new gear... I ended up buying some white shoe laces. We also had some really nice burritos for lunch at some Mexican corner store.. not as good as Burp Burrito back in Adelaide but at least here you get authentic Mexicans serving you Mexican food.

Oh yeah, Haight is right next to the Golden Gate Park! We went there as well, being my second time there, I knew exactly where to roam. Robert and I passed an open air Salsa dance class.. anyone walking past could join in for free. Seriously, it looked really cool and fun, people were joining in with no shame.. and no Robert and I didn't dance.. though we did joke about giving it a shot haha. We ended up in the Japanese Tea garden, sure it has nothing on the real-deal in Japan but it was still quite nice and relaxing.

From the GGP we obviously went to Haight, then back into downtown San Francisco to the main shopping district that is Market Street. We ended up in Union Square again which was great, I was laying under a tree on some grass writing in my journal while Robert was over checking out the HUGE Macy's department store. They have 3 HUGE stores, one of children, one for women and a small one for men! I hung out in the main sitting/open area of Union Square and when Robert came back from Macy's he commented on how I looked like a local just sitting there relaxing! We decided for a better view of the square and went to the rooftop decking of Macy's, there's a restaurant up there as well. The view was well nice, there was a flat open section with tall buildings on every side just leaning in on it.

This was our last day in San Francisco and it ended up being very nice, the first 2 days we didn't do much but then packed in a lot in the last 2 days. We were to catch a Greyhound coach bus from here to LA.. as of writing this I'm now in LA.. in Santa Monica, so I can comment on the bus.. it was crap, the floor was sticky and there was food scattered all around, the chairs were average, and we ended up being dropped off at some totally shit bus depot in a shit area in downtown LA. I'm glad to have chosen a bus over a plane.. the experience was good.. now I know how bad buses can be haha, it's my own fault anyway for wanting to take a bus.

Entrance to the Golden Gate Park.

Free swing-dance lessons.. no I didn't do it :-)

Japanese Tea Garden, GGP.

Burrito and corn chips for lunch in Haight.

Union Square, San Francisco.

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