Saturday, 5 July 2008

July 3rd

It's not easy knowing what to expect for July 4th, there seems to be some clouded hype about it for people outside the US, turns out that it's more of a family orientated public holiday, the real partying goes on the night before (though might not be the case everywhere). I started the day with a walk down to a bunch of piers, sat and had a coffee and wrote in my journal, finally making my way back to the Hostel where I caught up with Rob, and we went to a corner diner for some lunch.

The next few hours was spent wandering the streets, photographing many steep streets and admiring the cottages overlooking the bay area. We meandered through Fishermans Wharf again but this time it was very packed and the atmosphere was good. Lombard Street was next, it's the most windiest street in the world.. apparently. All I know is living there would be shit as your street would constantly be filled with tourists, if you were in a hurry you'd have to plan to leave your house at least 10 minutes early! Filbert Street is another steep one and with a funny name too :-)

We had a new girl in our dorm, Sheila, who is from Ireland.. and we took her to a local pub for happy hour, being Irish she was glad to come along. This pub was small and only sold local micro-brewery beers. There were 3 American guys about my age pissing on pretty hard, mirrored the cliche image of an American Jock from all of those football/teen movies. Funny guys, spent most of their time asking for high-5's from passerbyers.

We went out on a pub crawl that night with Sheila and her friend Jennifer, as their old hostel was doing a pub crawl. It was pretty fun.. getting cheap drinks and checking out some quaint bars, I think I left the group around midnight as I was (and as of writing this.. still am..) very tired from my flight here.

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