Monday, 28 July 2008


Okay so I'm now in Berlin, it's nice here so far although a lot of the streets are dirty, I don't know if that adds or detracts from the charm?! I can overlook that, but what I can't overlook is all of the bullshit graffiti.. it's everywhere, even on the sides of lovely old buildings and doorways... maybe that's the German way!

I've been here for 3 days now so i've done a few things. Firstly, we're staying with my friend Dorota, she's Polish but living here in the center of Berlin in her own little flat, a very central location and only forking out €300 a month! Crazy. On our first day we did sweet F all due to being exremely worn out from the long days and late nights in Spain, Doro showed us around a little bit until she had to leave us to see some friends. Robert and I made our own way around the East Side Gallery, which is just part of the old Berlin Wall which has some paintings on it.. it looks pretty shit but the history side of things is rather cool.

Since then we've been to the Jewish Memorial area which is very cool, the Brandenberg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie (where I lost my wallet, only figuring it out 5 hours later when i was about to buy a pair of Birkenstock sandals)... (oh yeah, ended up finding my wallet at some cafe near the checkpoint where i bought a very terrible coffee). Have been all around Alexander Platz and the Mitte District.

Yesterday, Sunday, Doro took us to the Flohmarkt in Prenzlauer Berg.. it's like a huge hippy market in some parwith loads of cool shit to buy, I bought a nice t-shirt which was designed and printed by the guy who sold it to me, since he knew Doro he gave me a €5 discount!! We drank beer in this cool make-shift bar outside under some trees, then finally got a taste of true German culture with a Bratwurst in a small bun!! Cheap as and very tasty. For someone who very rarely eats sasauges, I think I could go for a few more bratwursts!!

Last night, Doro took Rob and I to some park where her friends were playing some football (soccer), a park in the middle of Berlin, and we were able to chill there drinking beers and generally having an amaying time. It was awesome! We also met a few of her friends which was also really good... somethi we wouldn't be able to do if we had chosen to stay in a hostel!

I havn't had much time online recently and havn't had any time to connect to the internet on my laptop, which is why I don't have any new pictures to show. hopefully I'll get my laptop online when in Hamburg in the next week.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and drunken stories.

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