Monday, 21 July 2008


My last post for London right now. So I've mentioned that a couple of my friends are overseas right now as well, and my last day in London, which was Monda the 14th, was spent with friends Ben and Kara.. and obviously Robert. I hadn't seen Kara since May when i was fortunate enough to accidentally bump into her at Adelaide Airport when she was leaving for the UK.. so was good to catch up again.

One of the best things we did today was chill out in Regent Park, it would be similar to the East Terrace parklands in Adelaide.. except much nicer, more flower beds and fountains.. and squirrels!! We spent some time gawking at a particular couple who were asleep and had a squirrel running all around them and sometimes climbing onto their legs! Oh yeah Ben took photographs.. and he looked like a massive perv!! haha.

I finally got around to buying a UK sim card for my mobile phone, but in order to use the sim I had to get my phone unlocked, most people who can unlock phones are all indian/paki and rip people off, most of these people said they could unlock my phone in 2 hours and it'd cost 25quid, this was shit as Robert got his phone unlocked in 15 minutes only 2 years ago. As luck would have it we found a shop which could unlock my phone in 15 minutes.. but still charged me 25quid.. i couldn't argue, i wouldn't have anyway, so just accepted it and tryed to forget about it. Everything ended well, I bought a sim with O2.. one perk is free texts to any UK number within the UK!

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