Saturday, 9 August 2008

Good tiiiiimmmeeesss

Amsterdam is awesome and today proved that to me once again. Saturday today, I got up and did sweet F all aaalll morning, just sat here watching band Of Brothers on DVD and eating waffles with nutella and drinking coffee, finally a Saturday where I don't have to do anything if I don't want to, I can do what I want.. when I want. I probably left Eddie's place around 1pm and caught a tram to Centraal, went for a bit of a wander for a few hours just going with the flow and stuff, ended up walking into a main area.. no idea what the name is.

Anyway I passed this street performer who looked very familiar, so I stopped to watch him, turns out I was there at the end of his act so obviously saw nothing, nevertheless I went up to him and said g'day, like a typical South Aussie would (no doubt), turns out I recognised him from Adelaide once or twice, this guy travels around the world as a street performer.. and I recognised him from the other side of the world!! We had a couple of beers at some sweet little quaint pub nearby, actually at 3 pubs, was great, even bumped into a couple of his mates who ended up buying us drinks!

So that was today, yesterday went to the cinema with Eddie and we saw Batman: The Dark Knight, at this cinema which was built around 1920, looks just the same, real nice and awesome, movie was epic too, after that we went to this pub for some beers, sat out the front and was lucky enough to see some guy ride his bicycle straight into a pole! Was pretty funny but then he fell over and that was just great, cracked me up real good!

Hmm what else, have seen police officers ride around on scooters, have enjoyed the random farmers markets popping up in open spaces, strangely.

Can't remember what else I might've had to say, have been having too much fun! Lee comes over on Tuesday 12th, heaps looking forwards to this as she's staying here with Eddie and I, and coming to Lowlands with me, should be sweeeeet!


Nana Gabe said...

sounds like you are not seeing much at all.Do you take photos at all?

Tobias said...

..I see a lot; more of the localize culture over touristy things. The best way in my opinion.

Nana Gabe said...

thats how we travel as well. i found wherevyou put your photos