Saturday, 2 August 2008


This place is excellent! I'm enjoying Hamburg more than Berlin, partially because Berlin is so spread out and to find something cool that you need a friend to show you around, but Hamburg is either small (or compact) that you can lose yourself and end up somewhere sweet.. which I did about 4 times yesterday! I actually tried to get back to the center of town but ended up where i started.. I rode around in a HUGE circle for about 40 minutes.. finally asking someone for directions! haha, what an adventure.

I'm not sure if i mentioned this to anyone but Robert and I are staying in Hamburg with a cool guy called Tobii, I found him on CouchSurfing; an old concept under a new name. Tobii lives in Dammtor, it's near the center of Hamburg, he owns 3 bicycles.. 2 of which he has let Robert and I use as much as we want, so we've been riding around copious amounts of times, leaving in the morning and coming back by late afternoon.

There's a massive gay pride parade/festival on here, not something I'd normally care for but it's actually pretty cool. It has been going for about 2 days now, there's a load of food stalls and places to buy beer, actually there's always loads of places to buy beer, I've been riding around on bicycles either drinking beer at the same time, or eating ice cream. If i'm not riding a bike then i'm drinking beer in the streets, as it's legal and accepted here, unlike Adelaide.

Last night we went to this small beach near the docklands, and had a BBQ wth some of Tobii's friends and peeps from the CouchSurfing Hamburg network, was really cool. We've had nothing but good times so far here and have only been here for 2 nights, and have 2 more nights to go.

I could talk about so much more but that'd mean I have to look in my journal and sit here typing for another.. ages. I uploaded photographs from Spain into my photo album so click on the link to the right and suss them out.

Oh yeah, we've been drinking beer every day, it's a bit hard on the taste buds, but there's so many types of beer here it'd be a tad silly to miss out on tasting them all. Another factor is the beer being so cheap, and being able to drink it anywhere. Have also been eating bratwurst which is different as i very rarely eat snags, but the ones here are just so tasty, and again.. cheap!

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