Saturday, 23 August 2008

Some plans n ssssstuff

Right now I'm in Nijmegen with Lee and staying with this Dutch guy Maarten, who Lee met whilst in Ghana early last year, he lives in a huge student complex housing Uni students from this country and Germany, we have an awesome view out of the apartment's window.. overlooking a huge grassy area with trees and garden-beds; real lovely stuff.

We'll be here until tomorrow, which is Sunday 24th, then making our way South to Maastricht (possibly the oldest town in the NL but debatable as Nijmegen also claims to be the oldest town), I wanted to visit Maastricht at the start of my time in the NL but bailed on that as my couchsurfing host ended up being out of town, so am excited to be able to get down there!

After Maastricht I'm making my way into Belgium to visit my mum's brother in Brussels, while there I'd like to make a trip out to Bruges and Antwerp (maybe Ghent too), and in the meantime be drinking copious amounts of that famous Belgium beer, and maybe sample some pralines. I wasn't planning on coming here but since I'll be next-door to the country it'd be a wasted opportunity if I didn't see it!!

Ireland's next, I will most probably fly from Belgium direct to Dublin to stay with 2 friends i made while teaching in Cazorla, Spain. So far I don't have any plans for Dublin apart from checking it out and drinking Guiness, I might try and see some other areas if I think I have the time.

Finally, I'm going to go to Edinburgh, hopefully for 4-5 days, and for a weekend so I can check out the night-life I've heard so much about from friends who have lived there/still living there. Since this will be towards the end of my trip I'd like to make a quick step down to Cardiff, Wales, since my mum was born there and I've always wanted to go there.

That's about an exact rough-plan, though I don't have any tickets for travel or accom sorted for any place I've just mentioned, so anything can happen really.. and it's so exciting!!


Nana Gabe said...

hey there ,thanks for the update. At least we know where Lee is. She has stopped updating her blog. her grandpa and her dad are looking for some blogs from their kids

Julie's back home.... but had a fantastic time... said...

That IS what makes it so exciting isn't it :) And I didn't know your mum was Welsh?

Have fun on the rest of your journey Toby .. take it all in .. no matter what else you do with your life now you'll always have some pretty amazing memories of this time (and by the sounds of it all the different beers :)

Tobias said...

Yeh she got a bit slack on the old blog but since i know what she's been up to.. i can understand why she hasn't be blogging.

Yeh mum's Welsh! Born in Cardiff, as were her cousins (whom i stayed with in Bruxelles) for the past 4 days.

And thanks, im in Dublin right now with some friends, deffs making the most of the rest of this journey.