Sunday, 31 August 2008

All about the craic!

One place i wasn't planning on going to, but really wanted to go to, and I made it here yesterday morning, bright and early, and it was my lucky day as it wasn't even raining! Ireland is a wonderful place, I can't really vouch for any place other than Dublin but from what I hear, the rest of the country is also great.

I'm staying with 2 friends, Denis & Angie, I met them whilst teaching in Cazorla, Spain. They were nice enough to pick me up from the airport and showed me around town all day, despite being tired from a night of drinking the previous night (that's Irish for ya). We went out last night into town, I think we came close to but missed Temple Bar, but had heaps of fun in a true Irish pub with some bloke singing good Irish songs, it was great! I drank stout all night, loads of stout, irish stout all the way! Oh I actually drank an ale called Smithwicks, brilliant ale, i'd love some more of it right now.

I'm off to the beach shortly with Denis, I don't know much about the beach but from what I hear it's wonderful, even in the rain. Later on we're off to the local pub to watch some important Gaelic Football match so should be good. I'm guessing the atmosphere will be similar to watching the AFL Grand Final back home, but Irish, and more fun.

I didn't get up to much in Belgium, only place I went to was bruxelles and i hardly saw any of that place. I got taken to Waterloo though, that was pretty cool stuff, and I didn't even know any of its history up until that point. There's also this building with a 110m painting of the battle of Waterloo, real cool stuff! On my last night i was taken out to a heaps old Belgian restaurant and was the first time I had mussels, in Brussels.. something i'll never forget! Thanks Francis and Lucie!

Peace always.

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