Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Dublin dublin dubliiiiinnn

In the last 2 days i've managed to pack in a huge range of awesome activities. The other morning we (myself, denis & angie) went for a drive down to portmarnock, a sweet little beach area, the beach was SO good, stretched for ages and the water was flat as, in the horizon I could see loads of small sailing boats just hanging out together, was either some sort of race or just a meting point. Anyway, this place was real nice, we walked down the beach for half an hour.. which meant we had another half hour walk back to the car, we hung out for a bit drining coffee and resting.

We went to a pub called Porterhouse North (there's also Central and South) to watch the Gaelic Football, we watched 2 matches and had a brilliant time, I drank some more crazy drinks, one was a double chocolate stout and a Swedish pear cider!! Heaps nice drinks too.

I've had a little game of hurling with Denis in the park up the road from his place, in the coming weekend there'll be some hurling matches and so i'll be in town to watch them, apparently they're very rough and fast-paced, having dabbled with the hurling bat and ball a little bit I'm heaps excited to see a proper game! I've seen some young teens play but they weren't very rough, have been told the older guys make for a good sight!!

I also got taken through the Dublin Botanical Gardens, it was real lovely, and there was some rain during my little visit there. I have to say that i enjoy the botanical gardens back in Adelaide but the one here is just much much nicer, the river Tolk runs through the gardens, there's ups and downs instead of the flat ground back home.. and hey, it's Ireland! This place is great!

Tomorrow i'm heading off west to galway for 2 nights, hopefully I can stay with one of Denis' mates. There's some nice coastlines in the west with big big cliffs and some castles, so i'm looking forwards to that, then im coming back to Dublin for the weekend like I mentioned.

Also there's a cheese here called Dubliner, it's possibly one f the best cheeses I've tasted.. apart from the cheese Lee and I bought in Delft. Dutch cheese is just something else!!

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