Saturday, 13 September 2008

Good things and bad people

Am loving Edinburgh so far, apart from the people spending their whole day sitting on the street asking for money, everything else is pretty cool! Yesterday I got to check out the Edinburgh Castle, had a tour guide for a half hour and he showed myself, and other people, around the main sections of the castle, throwing in some jokes and a lot of interesting historical facts. I'm even more intrigued with this place now more than ever!

At the castle I went into the War memorial primarily for the fallen soldiers from WW1, was a really cool memorial. I remember walkign through the enterance and an American family were in front of me, one of the daughters tapped on a sign saying "no talking inside" .. or something very similar, then soon as we got in the mother goes "this is amaaazzinggg".. totally oblivious to the sign she had just read! What an idiot! Also an older German couple were taking photos despite there being No Photography signs all around... some people hey!

I also made the effort to go to Carlton Hill which has good views looking from New Town and towards the docks, which is now where my friend Robert is working!

I also went to the National Museum yesterday with my friend Milena, the museum is pretty much based on this history of Scotland from thousands of years ago up till now, so that was real cool too.

I've decided to stay here until next weekend, will probably do a 3-day highlands tour during the coming week, and head over to Glasgow next Saturday with Robert, Aidan and Ben (all mates from school), then it's back down to London and back home.

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