Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Homeward bound

As of typing this I'm sitting in the Premiere Lounge at the Kl airport, relaxing, enjoying the massage I just recieved, a shower and a small buffet of food i'm so eagerly awaiting to sample. I have a 9 hour (or thereabouts) layover here, I fly out later tonight and arrive in Adelaide early Thursday morning. Looking back it feels like only the other week that Robert and I left Adelaide and landed in San Francisco, but in reality it's been a long fun 3 months, and actually felt like longer to me!!

I spent this last weekend back in London, staying at a hostel near Kings Cross, pretty central.. I was within walking distance from Soho, Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street, so it was really cool! Unlike my first 4 days in London back in July, this time I finally found a cool little independent cafe to go to, found it just off of Oxford Street, pretty sure it was owned and run by a group of lesbians because the posters on the wall were all orientated towards 2 female models in various poses with sexual connotations, not that it matters.. because the coffee was great!

I had an awesome time at the hostel too, I was hanging out with a wide range of people, the hostel manager is from Swaziland, for instance. On my last night, Monday night, we had a birthday party for this Chillean guy who was also leaving on Tuesday, so that was a LOT of fun.Apart from that I also spent 2 days on the piss, quite literally.. getting back to the hostel on Sunday to find my Aussie mate Leighton out the front waiting for me, then taking me out to a place called Church for a long afternoon on the turps. Had a great time though! Oh yeah I also sussed out Portobello Market, it's another large outdoor market to the west of Central London, not the same as Camden Markets but still pretty cool!!

Well I can't think of much else to say right now, soon after coming home I should be starting a conracted position with a small graphic design studio in Adelaide's CBD (grote street), working with my friend George and I also studied my Advertising & Graphic Design course with! And i'll be planning a trip to Japan for 2009 (and about time too!!)

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