Wednesday, 10 September 2008

What a lovely town

So I can't say too much as i'm in a net cafe and time is limited! I arrived here in Edinburgh on Monday afternoon, met up with Robert Daniels, my mate who i was traveling with earlier in July/August, and we're both staying with our friend
Aidan (whom we know form school), funny though because Aidan's off in Poland!

Today I climbed Arthurs Seat, it's a big hil with the best 360 views of this town and was wel lworth the time spent to climb up there, was pretty windy as well but at least I didn't over-heat! In the next few days i plan on checking out the Castle which.. is brilliant, especially when lit up at night time!!

I wish i could stay and have the feeling i will come back here to live at some stage, it's just so nice here.

Can't think of much else to say but i'm safe and happy and having a great time!!

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