Tuesday, 16 September 2008

In stitches

Before leaving Australia I thought I would better myself by experiencing the world around me, and I think I have done. I've now got more patience, am more open to new experiences/people and generally have a much better outlook on life. Another skill I've picked up is looking on the bright side of things, even bad things.

Last night i slipped on some stairs here in the Castle Rock Hostel, Edinburgh, landed face first onto the steps before coming to a stop and noticing a constant drip of blood from above my left eye, like a leaky tap. It was quite gymnastic of me really. The staff here were kind enough to get me to the hospital where I hung out for a little while, chatting to a nurse who was giving me stitches in my face. I'm all good now, just a little tired.

Thought i'd learn from the incident of rolling both of my ankles simultaneously earlier this year in February? Guess again!

What an adventure Edinburgh has been!!

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